Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Conservative postal letter - The first Conservative literature of this campaign

I thought I would take a look at the Conservative letter to postal voters as delivered in Eynesbury. The Conservative District candidate is Paul Ursell. There are 7 candidates for Town Council.

The letter can be accessed here and on the website or here.

The letter starts off with a bit about people agreeing with Conservative policies. Of course you want to be one of the crowd. The letter then goes onto list the things the Conservatives want to achieve. These are:

So the Conservatives are going to maximise the use of Bargroves as the community centre for Eynesbury! Please inform me what maximise means?

Now this is a bit of a contentious issue. Much of Parklands was in the area of the former Eynesbury Hardwicke Parish Council which Cllr Ursell sat on. They didn't get around to putting this in place. Now St Neots Town Council has too.

Now I keep getting told that the Swimming Pool Trust is separate from the Town Council. Remember the phrase "ALL THE PROCEEDS OF THE SALE".

To my mind the best possible concept is to put this in an out of town location.

Sounds good.

Not to sure what is meant by this. There is actually very little to cut in Central Administration. Only the Deputy Town Clerk. And what are front line services?

Very good except when the idea of a family friendly arcade came before them the Conservatives objected. One reason was they didn't want those kind of people in the Town Centre.

What does "support" mean?

There are more questions than answers in what the Conservatives are going to do. The main question I have is over Council Tax. Not a word from them in this leaflet.

Also what has happened to the Eynesbury Hardwicke fund? the extra money from the hard pressed ex Eynesbury Hardwicke residents!
In the last few paragraphs is this little statement:
Does this mean Cllr Ursell who is so experienced he only has turn up 55% of the time in the last 6 months.

Also if we are only going to elect experienced candidates what about the Town Council where 5 Liberal Democrats are the experienced ones. What of other Conservative candidates like Roger Harrison. Should the electorates not elect these Conservatives because they have no experience of Town or District?

Not at letter that enthralled me to vote Conservative. Key points are missing especially over Council Tax.

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