Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Questions to ask the candidates on your doorstep

I've thought up some questions to ask candidates if they ever come knocking at your door. Print this off and keep it if they ever come knocking. The questions are:


1. Why is your leader talking about holding a referendum on increasing Council Tax?
2. With all the development why isn't St Neots getting any of the New Homes Bonus?
3. Town Council: Cllr Chapman said you want a fund specifically for the annexed areas. Are you going to do a fund for each area in St Neots?
4. HDC: What services are you cutting in St Neots?
5. HDC: What guarantee is there that funding to the CAB won't be cut? Would you resign if a cut was made?

Liberal Democrats:

1. The Town Council got two damning audit reports. Why should I vote for you as no Town Councillor resigned over this?
2. HDC: You propose not to cut money to the voluntary sector. Where are you going to find the money?
3. I thought the Town Council promised to protected open spaces. Why are you not protecting Shady Walk?
4. Why did the Town Council give a grant to the racist playgroup?
5. Will you increase Council Tax?


1. Who are you?
2. I've had no literature?
3. Why are you knocking on my door? Please go away!

Independent (St Neots Eat Ward only):

1. I'll be voting for you.

1 comment:

Green Party/Trade Union activist said...

Love the Labour questions, spot on.

Their silence is a insult to the smaller parties who have a fraction of the funds and members that Labour do.

If the are not careful in time a smaller party may well sneak up on them and claim third place on a regular basis after Tories/LibDems.

The hare and the tortoise springs to mind.