Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cinema up for talks again

I see the cinema is up for discussion again at the Town Council. Specifically making all of Shady Walk into a Car park for the Cinema. The Town Council still can't get around the notion that it is selling or leasing this land for a car park. It is now the "Shady Walk development". It should the Shady Walk Car Park.

As it is likely to become a car park will this be a free car park. Much was made by the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives about free car parks in St Neots being taken away by HDC. It would be rather ironic if the operator of the car park on Shady Walk charged people park!

Having held a Special Town Meeting on 24th March 2011, this is the second attempt to get this through the Town Council. As ever this is being talked about behind closed doors. So much for transparency!

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