Monday, April 18, 2011

The incumbents and their attendances

I took a look at the list of candidates and I looked up their attendance records at HDC and other Councils to see how they have been doing. Attendance is only one measure of being a Councillor. Whilst not perfect it does give a good idea of how each is doing. I'll do this by ward:

Eynesbury- Cllr Ursell - Conservative

This is for the 6 months period before the election. As can be see Cllr Ursell has turned up for 55% of the meetings.
I therefore went back another 6 months to see if this was a blip.
As can be seen his average was 70%. So I went back a further 6 months to see whether this was a blip.
Well it was. Cllr Ursell's attendances were back down to 55%.

Eaton Ford - David Harty - Conservative

Again I went back 12 months.
Clearly a Councillor how takes being a representative seriously with only 1 absence.

Eaton Socon - Gordon Thorpe - Liberal Democrat
With nearly twice as many meeting to go to, Gordon Thorpe put in a good number of appearances.

Eaton Socon - Andy Jennings - Conservative

As Andy is an ex-Councillor from Greenwich I thought I would his attendances at Greenwich. These were:

Not exceptional.

Priory Park - Kendal Cooper - Liberal Democrat
Pretty good statistics.

Of all the candidates standing the only question mark I have is over Cllr Ursell's attendances at 55%. This is low for a Councillor who should be representing St Neots at Council. Too much work Paul?

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