Monday, April 25, 2011

The mountain of debt starts to rise at Conservative run HDC

The Conservatives had a plan. That is to use reserves to prop up their failing budget at HDC. No content with nicking the New Homes Bonus, the Conservatives are looking to take on a mountain of debt over the next few years.
With a £10 million loan already taken out and likely to increase by another £11.2 million the "Shortfall met from reserves" is really being paid from loans taken out over 50 years. Spend to today with loans that everyone else in the future will have to pay for.

This is the basic problem. Instead of using the reserves not to take out loans, the reserves are being used to prop up the budget. This is effectively what the Conservatives are having a go at Labour Government about. Like Labour, the HDC Conservatives intend to prop up the budget taking out loans and nicking the New Homes Bonus from St Neots and other developing areas.

More loans isn't the answer. A loan will have to be repaid and the interest will have to be paid. This eats into the Council's budgets and other services are either not funded or cut. Time the Conservatives got a grip with this budget.

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