Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baffled over cinema site!

In a letter published in the News and Crier, Laura Stokes of Eaton Socon writes to say she is baffled anyone at St neots Town Council thinks Huntingdon Street is an appropriate site. I agree with Laura.

This is the wrong site for a seven screen cinema. One screen is supposed to be able to be used for theatre productions. Will this be the largest scheme. The seven screen cinema will be titchy in comparison with many other cinemas including Huntingdon or Bedford.

So why are our local politicians banging on with this project. Because it is an election. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives have spent so much politic capital that this needs to go ahead somewhere in St Neots. The land is owned by HDC and SNTC so it would be relatively simple to sell.

Building this titchy cinema here will cause many problems to local residents. Building a titchy cinema will mean St Neots gets the worst of all deals. Instead of being able to blame HDC (Though judging from the past record the Conservatives will blame HDC and the Liberal Democrats) St Neots will have itself to blame.

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Green Party/Trade Union activist said...

Cinema is a fantastic idea but Im not convinced that the powers that be have chosen wisely for a site. Short term thinking rather than long term.