Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Local elections: Eaton Ford ward

This is a Conservative safe ward. These elections are for one District Councillor and 5 (up one seat) Town Council seats.

The candidates for the District ward are:

The candidates for the 5 seats for the Town Council are:
For the Conservatives, David Harty is standing in both elections. For the Liberal Democrats Eleanor Mason is standing in Eaton Ford for District and Eaton Socon for Town. At Town the Conservatives elections Bob (resigning) Farrer who is also a County Councillor and a District Councillor is standing.  Neal Weston shares the same address and Andy Jennings as does Liberal Democrat Anna Hayward with Julia Hayward. Anna is also standing in the Gransdens and The Offords ward.

The inability of the Liberal Democrats to put up 5 candidates for Town means the Conservatives have already have 2 seats. This must be a disappointment as the Liberal Democrats were only 21 votes from taking a seat back in 2007. Missing from this list is Jenny Bird and Brenda Arnold who have stood down. And Barry Chapman has changed wards and is now standing in Priory Park ward.
Previous elections

District Results 2008
District Results 2007
Town Council results 2007

In 2007 the Conservative vote fell from the 1102 that was achieved at District level to 992 (Jenny Bird). That is a loss of 110 votes. The Liberal Democrats increased their vote from 755 at District to 888 (Sandie Giles). An increase of 133.


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