Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will a Conservative Town Council accede to HDC failings?

The Conservative run HDC budget report has a section in it which says:
So Conservative run HDC will be looking for "contributions" or I say Conservative Stealth Taxes for a number of services. This is effectively indirect taxation on the St Neots Council taxpayer because the Council Taxpayer will have to pay for these services.

According to HDC CCTV is something the consultation said cut. Instead of cutting HDC is trying different ways to keep this service going. Including an extra tax on the St Neots Council taxpayer.

This is insidious as if residents complain about the lowering of standards Conservative controlled HDC will blame the Town and Parish Councils for not picking up these costs. All this so HDC can keep their Council Tax down whilst the residents will see increases in Town and Parish council tax. It seems to me the line HDC is taking is blame everyone for the mess they are in.

Of course there is an argument that these services could be devolved to the Town and Parish Council level. It is a good argument. But devolution means not only the service but the money for this service is also devolved.


St Ivian said...

When I read this paragraph and the mention of 'constructively working' with Town And Parish Councils I asked myself why no proactive moves had been made to do this. Certainly in the case of the closure of the Customer Service Centre in St Ives this was presented as a 'fait accompli'. There was no discussion as to how it may be avoided. Nor do there appear to have been any moves to find 'constructive' ways around any of the cuts which have been decided. Lip Service I think.

St Ivian said...

My thoughts when I read this was that if they were serious about reducing the impact of the cuts, then there should have been proactive consultation with the Town and Parish Councils in an attempt to find ways around the cuts. Yet this doesn't appear to have been the case. Certainly the closure of the Customer Service Office in St Ives was presented as a 'fait accompli'. Lip service I think.