Friday, April 8, 2011

Have an MBA on the HDC council taxpayer

One on the little birds that whisper to my blog informed me of something I didn't realise. MBA's on the council tax. One of the top officers is doing an MBA. Good it would seem but expenses for this seems to have been paid out of council tax.

It would seem that Ian Leatherbarrow gets his dinners paid for. His books paid for. He also stays at the £180 a night Hotel Du Vin in Birmingham or the Marriott when he can't get into the Hotel du Vin.
So this is what my Council Tax goes on! Not services but to subsidise a Qualification. I just have to wonder whether all other Council employees are entitled to the same.

Anyway here is Ian Leatherbarrow's salary:


Danny Noonan said...

This is insane, we pay him 5X or more what we earn to be Director of Central services ( whatever the heck that is) and then we subsidise his further learning, why? so he can better himself to move to private employment? Maybe we could've, I don't know..... bought him a book?

Cerberus said...

A pity Mr Leatherbarrow couldn't fund his own qualification out of his bonus. Another snout in the trough