Sunday, April 17, 2011

Huntingdon Town Conservatives say no to HDC Toilets

I'm not one who normally compares what goes on in St Neots to what is going on in Huntingdon. On this occasion I will make an exception. Last year HDC decided to dump their public conveniences onto the Town Councils. The St Neots Conservatives played merry hell with this issue although it was an Conservative run HDC decision of which many are members.

In contrast the Conservative run Huntingdon Town Council, where the public toilets were also closed down, simply said NO to HDC. And continue to do so. As the Conservative run Huntingdon Town Council continues to point out these facilities are owned by HDC and were run by HDC.
In St Neots the Conservatives chastise the Liberal Democrats for not taking up the public toilets.
In doing so they lied as HDC are the owners of the toilets and are responsible for their up keep. HDC also stopped the agency agreement with St Neots Town Council in 2006 and ran the toilets for 3 years before deciding to end this service. I just have to wonder whether the Conservatives will produce the same sort of statement in their election literature in Huntingdon? I doubt it.

The difference between the Conservatives on Huntingdon Town Council and those on St Neots Town Council is those in Huntingdon are willing to stand up against HDC, whilst the St Neots Conservative Councillors kowtow to the decisions they also made.

The Huntingdon Town Conservatives have the right policy of saving their taxpayers £30,000 a year. In St Neots Conservatives just added a Conservative Stealth tax to St Neots Council taxpayers and then went onto blame the Liberal Democrats for the consequences of the Conservatives decision.

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