Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Independent candidate - Where are the others?

At these elections there is only one Independent standing and Carl Jones is standing for Town Council in St Neots East. Why no others? The chief moaners about St Neots are: Chris Brick, Jon Mountfort, Lorraine Hines and Chris Clifton. Yet none of these have put their forward for election.

Chris Brick was an organiser against Car Parking charges and lives in Little Paxton. The Little Paxton Parish council is up for election this year. No Chris Brick even though the Parish is short on nominations.

Jon Mountfort has a Save St Neots website having a go at the ruling group and all the money the cabinet gets in allowances. No jon Mountfort standing.

Lorraine Hines has a website called Scrap HDC. No Lorraine Hines standing.

Chris Clifton was on about how bad HDC is. No Chris Clifton standing.

Just goes to show a lot of huffing and puffing about how bad we are governed but not will to do anything about it!


chris said...

Why no David Gadenne on any ballot paper?

Dave said...

Because it doesn't pay enough. I have been very consistent in this blog of saying the post of councillor doesn't pay enough. The pay is miserly and I'm not willing to stand whilst until being a Councillor pays more.