Monday, April 18, 2011

New Liberal Democrat leaflet for Postal Voters

As a Postal Voter I got an extra piece of literature. This is a short leaflet aimed at those who receive their votes by post. It can be accessed here.

The leaflet makes a statement about the difference in Council Tax between Liberal Democrat run St Neots and Conservative run Huntingdon.
The leaflet goes onto make a promise:
and a target:
With the number of housing continuing to increase these will be easy to achieve.

Should I take the promise and the target seriously. Well YES. The Liberal Democrats have got the Town Council into a much better position financially than when they started off. That is not without problems and quite a few pledges got dumped along the way.

In my view the Liberal Democrat run Town Council is roughly taxing us what it is supposed to raise. Reserves aren't being used to keep Council Tax down which is a good thing.

This sounds a tough promise and target to meet but the reality is it should be pretty easy to meet this promise and target over the next 4 years.

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