Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Local Elections: Eynesbury

This is a Conservative/Liberal Democrat marginal seat with 2 Conservatives and 1 Liberal Democrat at District level and 5 Liberal Democrats and 1 Conservative at Town Council level. The Town Ward has expanded and there is an extra seat for this election.

The Candidates for the District Elections are:
The Candidates for the 7 seats (1 extra because of boundary change) for Town Council are:

For the Conservatives Paul Ursell is standing in both elections. County Councillor Catherine Hutton and District Councillor Andrew Hansard are also standing for Town. For the Liberal Democrats Steve van de Kerkhove is District Councillor. Labour perennial Bill O'Connor is standing for District but Labour isn't standing for Town.

Previous elections
The 2010 District results:
This election was held in combination with the 2010 General Election.

The 2008 District results:

The 2007 District results:

The 2007 Town Council results:

This is not strictly comparable as the District Eynesbury ward took in the Town ward of EHPC but the Town Council ward didn't. With the annexation the ward boundary has changed to both boundaries are the same for the elections in May.

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