Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Conservative leaflet delivered in Eynesbury

Another week - another Conservative leaflet. This one is is an A3 two sided colour glossy leaflet. Looks good and reads good. Let us take a look at the content. On the front page there are a couple of points I will take issue with. These are:
This sounds very good and is a promise kept by the Eynesbury Conservatives. On the other hand looking at the Eatons where the same promise was made there surgeries are posted on the Town Council website with dates and times. Also the phrase is used "throughout the year" but the only date I can find that a surgery was held was in February 2012.

Another point is:

This is a change. I thought the Conservatives were pushing for Bargroves as a community centre. I can find no budget for an Eynesbury Community Centre. Without the money to build one it is pretty useless to push for one. Maybe the illusive New Home Bonus could pay for one. The new development behind Tesco will bring  in roughly £1.2 million in New Homes Bonus.

The back page is a generic page for the whole of Huntingdonshire. Otherwise they wouldn't be talking about Broadband in St Neots.

On this side of the leaflet the following is said:
But all this was programmed in under the old leadership. The change of leadership has cost teh Council taxpayer more.
Also said is:
True. This was only achieved by the Town Council taxpayers picking up these costs instead.

This is something the Conservatives are proud of:
Yet by excluding the Leisure Trust option the Conservatives threw away a saving of £400,000 a year.

Spin alert:
So the Conservatives are going to encourage future growth in less developed areas such as Alconbury. This is to ensure that the character and history of the market towns is maintained. Sounds good and it should do because this is just pure spin. What it doesn't mean is all the development taking place around St Neots will stop. That will carry on.
Except with the new Homes Bonus, which according the Cllr Guyatt, will be spent on stairlifts. In 2011 the Conservatives informed us every penny due to St Neots in New Homes Bonus will come to St Neots. As yet not one penny.

Another Conservative leaflet that says little and doesn't inspire.

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Me said...

This leaflet is all but the local photos and script amendments the same as Peter Brown's Huntingdon leaflet ... like the previous offering