Saturday, April 14, 2012

Conservative leaflet in Eynesbury

I thought I would look at the Conservative leaflet delivered when I was away the other week. This is for the election of Andrew Hansard who is standing for election in Eynesbury. The leaflet is a very well laid out A3 glossy leaflet with two sides. The leaflet can be found here. Now for the content!

Front Page
From the text Cllr Hansard is concerned over potential development over the railway line. Hold on though, isn't this what we are employing Cllr Hansard to do in the first place? What I want to know is what Cllr Hansard has been doing for the ward for the last 4 years as he was last elected in 2008.

Also Cllr Hansard bigs up his role in the Willow Bridge project which landed Eynesbury with this eyesore. I don't see why it had to be 390 metres long for a span of 39 metres. Why it had to be built so long no one has said. If it was to stop people not using the bridge because of potential flooding this seems to be wrong as there are barriers put in to close the pathways to the bridge in case of flooding.
 What I want to know is what has Cllr Hansard done in the last 4 years to inform me why he should be re-elected.

Under Action Around the Area I thought I would find this out. I didn't.

Apparently the local Conservative Councillors hold regular surgeries. This is strange as I have only found one which was mentioned on the Community Forums by Cllr Ursell. So where are these surgeries being held so I and the rest of the residents can drop to meet my councillor. Well I have to phone up and contact Andrew to arrange this. 
But what is a Councillors Surgery. I would put it thus:
"The period during which a Councillor consults with or helps electors in an office or specific venue."

When the Conservatives on the Eaton Socon side said they would hold a surgery they do so open to all. In Eynesbury the same promise was made and the Councillors haven't publicised where or when. That is not very good.

In the next section Cllr Hansard asks whether more could be done with open spaces.

In the last section there is a bit about potholes. The Conservative run County Council has made a pledge. Whilst Andrew has jumped on this bandwagon there is no reason to. If I found a pothole I would phone Andrew up with the location and he would therefore phone up the County Council to get this done. Whilst this sounds good, I would say leave Andrew out of this and phone or contact the County Council myself. If the pothole isn't filled I would get in contact with a County Councillor (that is what we pay them for) and get them to sort it out rather than a District Councillor. 

This is not a reason to vote for Andrew Hansard. It seems to me there is little for Andrew to do so he has to muscle in on another Council's service territory.

Action around the area seems to mean INACTION AROUND THE AREA. Not much to do so try and find something to do.

Back page
This is the common back for all three Conservative candidates standing in St Neots District Council seats. As such this side of the leaflet says nothing about the District Council and it is all about the Town Council. Why? My answer is simple. The Town Council has good news and the District Council is bad news. 

Yes the Town Council received £186,000 "gift" from budget underspending which has allowed the new Conservative administration to spend this money rather than give it as a tax rebate. Nor has the fact the Liberal Democrats froze the Council tax for the 2 previous years mentioned either.

Of course nothing is said about the increase in Council Tax by all the other authorities which charge us through Council Tax. All Conservative run. HDC, the Council these three candidates are running for, increased their part of the CT by 3.5%. No explanation by these candidates as to why!

In the end this leaflet says very little. With real no opposition the Conservatives have very little to worry about in Eynesbury. As a leaflet informing me why I should vote for Andrew Harsard, it is not inspiring. If I wasn't interested in politics I would let this election go by. Yet if that happens, Cllr Ablewhite will be on the front page informing the residents how wonderful his administration is. So I will be voting UKIP.

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Me said...

This leaflet is all but the local photos and script amendments the same as Peter Brown's Huntingdon leaflet ...even down to the Pot hole pose...