Friday, April 27, 2012

Reason to vote Conservative - No.3

The one thing I like to look at is how the respective campaigns can say different things in different areas. i used to experience this with the Liberal Democrats who could campaign in one town for one policy and then campaign in another town for an opposite policy in a town next door in the same authority.

Looking at how the Conservatives are fighting in St Ives I can see a difference. Despite the fact the HDC Conservatives have broken the national promise for a Freeze in Council Tax for 2 years, Cllr Ablewhite, HDC Council Leader, is out campaigning for a 4 year freeze on St Ives Council Tax.

There we have it. The Conservatives are quite happy to break a promise to freeze council tax for 2 years and then make another promise to freeze council tax for 4 years. This seems very wrong.

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St Ivian said...

This is precisely why District Councillors, especially one who is leader and who has responsibilities in all the other towns in the District should not also sit on Town Councils. It is a complete conflict of interest.

In this instance Cllr Ablewhite clearly intends to manipulate the coffers of St Ives Town Council in order to suit his District priorities.

St Ives currently has two District Councillors, neither of which turn up to Town Council meetings if they conflict with meetings at District. This too is wrong.