Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Which Party am I supporting?

At these elections things aren't so difficult. As a natural Conservative voter I will not be voting Labour. Nor will I be voting for the local Conservatives. As they seem to have more in common with the socialist than with
the Conservative led coalition Government which I still like. If only they kept to their manifestos.

Also the local Conservative broke a national promise and didn't take the Council Tax freeze money. They also have taken our New homes Bonus money and spent it on propping up HDC's failing budget. Plus in this time of recession the District Council is going on a spending spree to build a 5 land ten pin bowling alley in St Ives. How socialist.
These red flag Conservative won't be getting my vote this year.

What about the Liberal Democrats? You have supported them in the past! Yes I have and no I haven't. For the most part I don't support them and use them as a party of protest. With Doug Terry standing in Eynesbury and Gordon Thorpe in Eaton Socon I don't feel I could support the Liberal Democrats this time around as the party of protest against the local Conservatives.
By a process of elimination I therefore end up with UKIP as the party I will be voting for out of protest. I am not enamoured by their policies. As someone who is pro-europe, in a broad sense, I wouldn't be for blaming all our woes on Europe. As a party of protest I can certainly vote for UKIP and unless something suddenly happens I will do so for 3rd May 2012.

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