Thursday, April 19, 2012

District Councillor attendances for the last 6 months

I took a look at how our District Councillors for St Neots are attending Council and Committee Meetings. I last took a look back in November. These attendances are taken from the HDC website. Where there is a tie in percentages of meetings attended then the amount of meetings is taken into account. Novembers placings are in brackets ().

1st (2nd) - Cllr Barry Chapman - 100%
2nd (1st) - Cllr Andrew Hansard - 100%
3rd (3rd) - Cllr Longford - 100%
4th (6th) - Cllr Bob Farrer - 94%
5th (4th) - Cllr Roger Harrison - 
6th (7th) - David Harty - 80%
7th (8th) - Cllr Andrew Jennings - 70%
8th - (5th) Cllr Steve van de Kerkhove - 69%
And lagging behind the rest is:
9th - (9th) Cllr Paul Ursell - 50%

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