Saturday, April 7, 2012

Elections 2012: Eaton Socon

Eaton Socon Ward
This could be an interesting result. Conservative Councillor Andy Jennings is re-standing at these elections. Against him is Gordon Thorpe how lost last year. I doubt he will do enough work to win again. Although Derek Giles is standing as an Independent his only chance is if UKIP take some votes away from Jennings.


2011 - This had an election and a by-election for the District Council. The results was:
The Conservatives did well but not as good as in 2008 when they scored 911votes. It was the loss of Labour supporters who previously voted Liberal Democrats which did it for Liberal Democrats at District. Gordon Thorpe did quite badly coming 99 votes behind fellow Liberal Democrat Julia Hayward.

At the 2008 elections the result was:

At the 2007 elections the result was:


Julia said...

Eaton Socon is the one to watch this year, as it will be a good barometer of what counts in getting the votes. Andy Jennings starts off as favourite, of course, but where will the other votes go? Derek is known by everyone and is campaigning like a man possessed (two leaflets, canvassed a quarter of the ward already) but won't get party votes; Gordon has recognition as past mayor and the familiar local-opposition party badge, but less activity on the streets and the albatross of the Coalition; Labour and UKIP are paper candidates who have national recognition as anti-Coalition parties but no local history.

If nothing else, analysing the votes this year will help me decide what to do myself in future...

Dave said...

If Derek is working hard then he has a chance to gain support. As for not getting party votes I feel Derek could take some from all parties but his problem will be the Conservative vote. He needs to cut this vote. Either go after this vote or hope UKIP standing takes some of the edge off the Conservative vote.