Tuesday, August 24, 2010

204 days and counting

The St Neots Swimming Pool Trust is a registered charity charged with providing another outside swimming pool. To do this the Trust will sell the old swimming pool site. This will mean the Trust will have lots of money to play with.

The Trustees should be the Town Councillors of St Neots Town Council. Therefore all the Town Councillors are Trustees who have are jointly and severally liable for running of the Swimming Pool Trust.

The administration of the Trust is subcontracted to St Neots Town Council. The Town Council also cuts the grass and maintains the enclosed space.

Why can't the Town Councillors and the Town Council get their respective acts together over filing the basic information with the Charity Commissioners?

This is not the only time the Town Councillors have missed these legal deadlines.
The main question has to be: Are the Town Councillors up to the job? The answer has to be NO!

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