Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cinema moves on - a bit

Huntingdonshire District Council has decided to push ahead with a cinema development on the old waste site/Cambridge Street Car Park/Shady Walk Play Area. Turnstone Estates have been appointed as preferred developer for the site. The initial ideas are for a 7 screen cinema and restaurants. All this squeezed in this small site. But don't hold your breath. Contracts have yet to be signed. Plans have yet to be submitted and approved.

I wonder what this will do to the Riverside Car Park protest campaign? According to many within the campaign St Neots gets nuffinck! As ever, the campaign rhetoric doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

I still feel the cinema is in the wrong place. This will be a major build in an area surrounded by residential housing. The whole point is to have a proper cinema. St Neots could very well end up deriding the result.

An 18,000 sq ft cinema is roughly 1,600 sq metres. This is 40m x 40m. I can't get this onto the site plus restaurants and 160 car parking spaces. Also with the restrictions on Lidl there is a potential these will encumber the rest of the site. I pity the poor residents living in the areas around this site. With a potential kicking out time of 2am on late showing nights, I feel the local residents will be disturbed by the usage of this cinema.

Remember this is going to be a 7 screen cinema with theatre auditorium and restaurants. Have a 160 space car park where there is currently 70. This is a lot to fit in on such a small site. I will keep an eye out for the plans and want to see how this all fits together. I have a feeling this will be too small a site to fit all this in. All this is happening because Huntingdon has got a cinema. When decisions are made through the Politics of Envy they are rarely good decisions.

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