Monday, August 16, 2010

Elected Mayor?

The Hunts Post St Neots - 11/08/2010

On the letters page is a interesting letter from Michael Lynch of St Ives. I do disagree with much of the contents of his letter but his concluding paragraph strikes a cord with my views.

Consultation - There are real problems with information overload with consultations and i feel the consultation struck the right balance between content and overload.

Consultants - There is a simple choice over consultants. Whether these jobs can be done within the Council or not. That is a choice for the Council not the public. Consultants can bring in a wider experience. Otherwise the Council employs staff to cover these areas of expertise.

Councillors - The idea of cutting the number of Councillors is a good one. This will need a review. Les Councillors will lead to more professional local politicians. Democracy costs. Just cutting the numbers will not attract people into being Councillors. There is already a difficulty with recruiting Parish Councillors. As for the savings these are over estimated. Halving the number of Councillors would save £120,000. Roughly 2% not the 20% Michael claims.

District Wide - Is a valuable publication is used correctly. Currently it is not. The savings of cutting this publication would be small.

Cutting the bureaucracy - The council has already outlined proposals for cutting the bureaucracy.

Elected Mayor - I agree having an elected Mayor should be the way forward. I feel the name should be elected High Sheriff rather than Mayor for Huntingdonshire.

The consultation over the whether HDC should have an elected Mayor closed on 31st July 2010.

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