Saturday, August 14, 2010

The St Neots View?

I am fascinated by the sprouting of websites supposedly to save or support St Neots. Many promises and statements are being made and then die an early death. Support isn't instant and needs work to get people involved and reading.

The St Neots View at: Facebook. - The next idea is for the good news cinema project. No other ideas such as: Elected Mayor or Executive Leader or the Tsunami of cuts that will affect St Neots or why we endure a useless Town Council Planning Committee or why NO Councillors resigned over the 2 damning reports into the Town Council.

The Future of St Neots at: - This started with high ideals and some good idea but has stopped being updated.

Stop HDC introducing parking charges at Riverside park St Neots at: Facebook. They had their march and that is pretty much it for their Facebook site. A bit of a bottle rocket. Fires off with a bit of a bang. Storms skywards and explodes with a flourish before fading away to nothing.

Save St Neots at: - This Jon Mountfort site, still full of lies and untruths, is carrying on with the protest by trying to get people to email lies and untruths to many different Councillors.

Scrap HDC at: - Another Jon Mountfort website, this time under the name of Lorraine Hines, continues in the same theme as Save St Neots.

I always feel the St Neots Forum is the best place to have debate and discussions over the future of St Neots. Is there some reason why the people who run these websites don't use the St Neots Forum forum instead?

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