Saturday, August 21, 2010

Villager wants Sex Shop sited in St Neots?

The Hunts Post St Neots - 18/08/2010

Former CCC leader Keith Walters suggests the sex shop should be located in either in Huntingdon or St Neots. As Councillor Farrer points out the site was a sex shop back in 82/83. Time the residents of Sawtry got a bit of life. It is not as though this development is near any residential part of Sawtry. The way to stop these establishments is not to use them. They have to make a profit or they will close.

This is just an example of how it is easier for villagers to just say everything to be in St Neots. This Never In My Back Yard ethos just doesn't work. From mobile phone masts to wind farms, some in the rural communities object to these developments but continue to have mobile phones and use electricity.

Sex Shops are legal businesses with some restrictions on location. The building in question is derelict. Has the Sawtry community come together to buy and use these buildings? So far, no they haven't. 

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sawtryres said...

What Cllr Farrer has said is not factually correct and should be retracted. The site has never been and hopefully never will be a Sex Shop. It is in a residental part of the village, 2 mins walk from a childrens nursery & playgroup and where children walk to and from the schools in the village. If Cllr Farrer thinks it is such a wonderful idea he should have it in his village. If think the village should buy the lease then why not make a donation to try to help them.