Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chimney to get knocked down

The Hunts Post St Neots - 18/08/2010

The eyesore of the chimney which Councillor van de Kerkhove wants to keep looks set to be knocked down. Of course there is a way to preserve this chimney and that is to buy it. If the public don't want this chimney demolished then open a public subscription to buy the chimney and maintain it. If people aren't willing to subscribe then they don't want this eyesore.

It is like some residents and Councillors want to keep St Neots as a museum. Keeping all these bits and pieces only hampers or stops any radical change that St Neots needs to develop. No wonder no retail developers are willing to take on St Neots Town Centre when residents will find significance in every building. All this does is hold up any development.

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