Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trouble with the Conservatives.

Audit Committee 21.01.10.pdf - Google Docs

Cllr Barry Chapman (Conservative) seems to have a problem when it comes to how the Town Council is run. According the recently released minutes for the Audit Committee - 20th January 2010 - (yes 7 months ago) - Barry came up with different ideas to the budget figures. Barry feels the December figures should be used rather than October figures.

The budget process is the best guess from previous figures and the likely increases from inflation and service levels. December figures wouldn't necessarily be produced until mid January after the budget figures should be finalised. Whether Cllr Chapman likes it or not there is no perfect solution to all this. Unless Barry can find something in the CIPFA rules I feel the way the Town Council produces its budget is pretty much the only way they can.

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