Tuesday, August 3, 2010

500th Blog entry

This is the 500th blog entry and to celebrate this achievement I thought I would look back at some of the themes of this blog.

I set out a few themes in the my first blog entry. These were:

  • The deficit at HDC.
  • The St Neots Town Council audit reports.
  • Djanogly and his expenses problems.

Of these only one theme has been resolved and that is the Djanogly and his expenses problems. Knowing full well these problems the electors of the Huntingdon constituency returned Djanogly.

HDC has actually started a consultation over the cuts because of the unresolved deficit that HDC has been carrying for years.

St Neots Town Council is getting better but there are still issues over information and their website. Also no Town Councillor resigned over the mess Liberal Democrats made of SNTC.

During the 499 other blog entries there are several themes.

  • Party election literature and websites. 
  • The weird decisions of SNTC Planning Committee.
  • The closure of the Church Car Park and the morphing into a "Community Car Park" for the church.

There are a few issues that have come to the fore.

  • The Swimming Pool Trust has problem reporting accounts. 
  • The Liberal Democrats are running a campaign to protest against charges at two free car parks.

Over the next year there are a few upcoming themes.

  • The 2011 Town Council elections. Who is worthy to lead this Town? 
  • Cuts, Cuts and more cuts.
  • District Council elections.

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