Monday, November 2, 2009

I have to start somewhere!

Having seen what a blog can do in Somerton, Somerset, I thought I would have a go with one for the lovely Town of St Neots. Because of what our local politicians are actually getting away with, there needs to be a bit of publicity.

Our local St Neots Town Council has had two damning audit reports yet no Town Councillor has resigned. This is run by the Liberal Democrats. Who seem to have made a fine mess of the whole structure.

Not that Huntingdonshire District Council is doing much better. With a forecast deficit of £5 million in 2013, the Conservatives are using up £13 million in usable reserves to keep the budget going.

Not only that, but our MP, Jonathan Djanogly, has been embroiled in the expenses scandals that hit Parliament. Despite the call from Cameron that his MP's should hold public meetings, Djanogly hasn't and I feel that is wrong.

So this blog is about my thoughts on politics in and around St Neots. As for my political stance, well I'm too right wing for the Liberal Democrats and too left wing for the Conservatives. I have worked in local governemnt and find most local government workers, officers and politicians are there for the good of the people they serve.

The only trouble is no one wants to take responsibility when things do go wrong.

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