Thursday, November 26, 2009

Can't UKIP's Jennifer O'Dell get off the EU record?

I know UKIP have a one track mind when it comes to Europe. Jenny O'Dell's recent letter in ever excellent News and Crier is a call to stop the EU sending troops to Somalia. NATO has trouble getting many EU countries to put troops into the firing line in Afghanistan. So I doubt very much they'll put boots on the ground in Somalia.

And that is the problem with UKIP. A party which wants to be taken seriously for Westminster is still messing about with EU scare stories. Come on Jenny, get off this record and start talking about the budget deficit, MPs expenses and other things that Westminster is responsible for. It is Westminster you are standing for which is a broader base than just Europe.

Because all the political parties have decided Huntingdon is a safe Conservative seat the General Election will pass us by. The choice seems to be between Djanogly and a non-entity. Given the choice I'm still voting for the non-entity.

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