Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cllr Derek Giles campaigns for free parking for visitors

I read in the letters page in the ever excellent St Neots News and Crier a letter from Cllr Derek Giles. His letter about the car parks is a good indication of why lots went wrong under his leadership of SNTC. Conservative controlled HDC is in massive financial trouble and needs money. In the real world HDC has to make real choices. There are real choices to be made between Car Park charges (and other income), tax increases and service cuts.

Cllr Giles is following his normal course of action when he was in charge of SNTC. This was to increase council tax and slash promised projects to the residents of St Neots. So Cllr Derek Giles wants visitors to have free parking and for St Neots Council Tax to go up and services cut to pay for this!

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