Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How is SNTC STILL a Quality Town Council?

2 damning audit reports (one for 2007/08 and a seperate one for 2008/09).
Missed a statutory deadline for the 2007/08 annual report and accounts.
Having an Acting Town Clerk effectively in charge for over a year instead of a properly qualified Town Clerk.
Being less than transparent with information which should freely available.
With a website now down for a indeterminate time.
A Forward Plan in tatters.
And more....

SNTC is still a Quality Town Council! This begs the question: What do you actually have to do NOT to be a Quality Town Council? 

So I thought I would put this question to the trade body that "awards" this status. The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Association of Local Councils or CPALC, for short, is the trade body which awards the Quality Town Council status in Cambridgeshire. CPALC isn't there to help us, the residents, it is there to represent the interests of local councils and SNTC is a major member of this organization.

I therefore used the contact form on their website to contact Ian Dewar, County Executive Officer and sent the following on 30/10/09:

Dear Sir,

I see from St Neots Town Council website that they currently are a Quality Town Council.
This year they have received two damning reports from their auditors.
They have also missed deadlines for submission of accounts and annual reports.
They have problem being transparent with information which should be public.

If a Town Council can do this and more and still be a Quality Town Council what do they have to do for this status to be revoked? Or is this status basically meaningless?


I have as yet to receive a reply from Ian Dewar or anyone else at CPALC. As I said before CPALC is unlikely to take this away from any large paying member of its organization. So the Quality Town Council status is meaningless.


Dave said...

I have just received an e-mail form Ian Dewar of CPALC. It says:

"Quality Status is time limited to 4 years and lapses if not able to be renewed."

According to SNTC minutes the Town Council was awarded this status on 25th October 2005. So has the Town Council lost its status? I think we should be told!

Dave said...

I have received another e-mail from Ian Dewar. It says:

"St Neots Town council has until end of January 2010 to decide if they will resubmit to maintain their Quality Status."