Thursday, November 19, 2009

Liberal Democrats are still slow on the uptake!

A Conservative MP in trouble over his expenses. A Conservative run District Council in massive trouble over their budget. I would have thought the Liberal Democrats would have been up for the fight. According to one Liberal Democrat they are. Except they have no parliamentary candidate. In the Cambridge constituency the MP stood down on 5th November and the closing date for prospective candidates is 5th December. In Huntingdon they are just ahead with the closing date on 4th December. So really they have just got around to starting the selection process for their parliamentary candidate. For all those interested the link to the advert is here.

Many other constituencies have already got their Liberal Democrat candidates in place. Huntingdon is one of the last seats. UKIP, The Green Party, Labour and of course the Conservatives have all selected their parliamentary candidates for Huntingdon. Obviously any Liberal Democrat candidate will now be a paper candidate whilst the local Liberal Democrats activists are packed off to campaign in either Bedford or Cambridge.

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