Monday, November 16, 2009

Conservative Stealth Tax on going to a public loo!

Cllr Ursell has been on The St Neots Forum making claims about the public toilets issue. To recap, Cllr Ursell claimed the Town Council used to run the public toilets in St Neots and this only cost the Town Council.

In fact SNTC ran the public toilets on behalf of HDC via an Agency Agreement. So HDC paid SNTC to run the toilets and they did so within the money paid by HDC. So the cost to SNTC was nil or they made a few pounds out of this arrangement.

Now HDC wants to abandon the public toilets and let the Town Council pick up the bill. This is a Conservative Stealth Tax on St Neots and the other Town Councils. This has purely come about because the Conservatives have made a total mess of the HDC budget.

Time our Conservative Councillors were straight with us over troubles with the budget and what that will mean for the Council Taxpayers.

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