Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My voting intentions for the next elections!

My current selection of which party I intend to vote for at each election is:
Next General Election - UKIP (only because they are the only ones likely to give Djanogly a challenge). I will only change my vote if Djanogly stands down.
Next District Elections - The Liberal Democrats. I know Cllr Gordon Thorpe is Deputy Leader of the HDC Liberal Democrats and this causes me concern. But even with his track record I have to say this Conservative administration has to go. Not changing my vote on this one.
Next Town Elections - Conservative. Not too sure about how the Conservatives would run the Town Council. Again this is more of a vote against the incumbent rather than a vote for the current opposition. If the Liberal Democrats can get the Town Council on a level footing and loose Giles and Thorpe I could vote for them.
Next County Elections - Conservative/Haven't decided. Voting for Catherine Hutton if re-standing in 2013. I haven't decided on my other vote. The Eynesbury and Eaton Socon Division is a 2 member division so we have two votes.
Next Euro - Conservative. I like the sceptical stance they take. Not everything the EU does is good. Nor is everything the EU does is bad. On the whole better to be in than out.

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