Friday, November 20, 2009

Priorities magazine - Priority for SNTC to sweep the bad news under the carpet

The SNTC propaganda rag - Priorites - was found on my door mat when I got home. Reading through the glowing propaganda I don't see anything about the damning external auditors report for 2007/08. Nor was there anything explaining about the second damning auditors report received this time for 2008/09.

There was a full page dedicated to the Xmas Lights Switch-On. Nothing about the report into the incident when the Xmas lights fell down.

There is also an article on community programmes in the Love's Farm development. But why is this article in this propaganda rag? Love's Farm is still within the Rural Parish and is separate for Council Tax. So is this propaganda rag being delivered into Love's Farm? If so, which Council is paying for this? Is it the highly taxed Town council taxpayer or the low taxed Rural council taxpayer?

I feel we should be told!

The Priority of this propaganda rag is to sweep all the bad news under the carpet. Again this Liberal Democrat run Town Council is not being transparent about what is happening under its auspices.

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