Friday, November 13, 2009

What is the point of Huntingdon Labour Party?

This Constituency Labour Party seems to be just doing the utter minimum of putting candidates in most wards at most elections. This allows those who wish to vote Labour the ability to do so. I have been here a couple of years and haven't seen single leaflet from the local Labour Party.

With Djanogly in expenses trouble, all I could see the CLP doing was an on-line petition (75 signature) and write a few letter to the papers. If the Labour Party wants to become a force in Huntingdonshire it needs to start by targeting one seat and only one seat. Otherwise Labour will continue to disappear from Huntingdonshire and St Neots.

Look at the work Labour put into the Glasgow North East by-election. The result was it got much of the core vote out and voting Labour. The problem in St. Neots is Labour has all but given up tending to its core vote and getting former supporters out to vote. The contraction in the turnout has much to do with Labour supporters staying at home. The reason behind all this has to do with Labour not getting its message out to its supporters and potential supporters during the year and even at election time.

Who will fill this void? The BNP and other motivated minor parties do prey on wards where the main political parties take the vote for granted. A good, vigorous campaign will get supporters out to vote. Keep up the vigorous campaign and more supporters will vote. If the local Labour Party is waiting for the political scenery to change then it will have a long wait. By not doing the groundwork during the bad years, this local Labour Party will be unable to respond when the scenery does change. And it will.

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