Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Burial Plots stopped over water fears

St Neots News and Crier - 09/12/2010

The new cemetery extension has been closed to new burials because of problems with the high water table. This is a muck up by the Town Council. What makes this worse is the Town Council tried to hide all this behind the 1960 Public Bodies (Admission to meetings) Act rather than be open and transparent with the public. This Town Council loves secrecy and hides behind this by various ways. The reason given this time by Cllr Thorpe was: the "sensitive nature" of this subject.

Nice try Cllr Thorpe. I feel it would be better to be honest with with residents rather than hiding behind secret decisions. Rather than explain to relatives, plot owners and the public that there are problems with the extension the Council resorts to secrecy.

Being secret is easy. Explaining what is wrong is hard. This Town Council takes the easy way out. Being open and transparent needs a change to the culture. The Liberal Democrats don't seem up to the job of changing this culture of secrecy within the Town Council. Openness and transparency is the way forward.

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