Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Corkscrewing in the swimming pool of despair!

As ever with the swimming pool trust the questions go unanswered. Back at the Annual Town Meeting I asked the following question:
The answer I got from Cllr Ursell (Chairman of SNSPT)was:
Not the answer to the question at all. They focussed on the £1,980 and I was asking about returns and accounts. I therefore asked a supplementary about why the accounts and annual return were 4 months late? The answer I got from Cllr Ursell was he would look into it. I thought then that he didn't know.

6 months on and I get into a clash on the St Neots Community Forum. This was about the cemetery. I took the opportunity to ask Cllr Ursell about the swimming pool trust and the late accounts.
Cllr Ursell answered:
Now I find that very strange because Cllr Ursell didn't inform me of this when I asked the original question at the Annual Town Meeting when the accounts and annual report were 4 months late.
I therefore replied with this:
I have yet to receive a reply. Is this why they are being so quiet? Cllr Ursell either knew why the accounts were late and didn't answer the question or he didn't know. As Chairman of the St Neots Swimming Pool Trust he should have known!

This leads me onto another question I asked at the Annual Town Meeting:
This is the answer I got back then:
So according to Cllr Ursell the Swimming Pool Trust has no money. Except when I take a look at the Annual Accounts for 2007/08 I find the following:
Less any accruals leaves a bank account balance of:
So when is £53,435 in the bank - no money?

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