Friday, December 10, 2010

Is 5% off enough?

The District Councillors are taking a 5% shave off their existing allowances. Whilst that is a start the problem is the District Council is looking at a 25% decrease in funding from Central Government. Added to the financial problems the District Council faces because of low tax/high spending policy I feel they should take more of a cut, say an additional 20%, until HDC has got itself into a balanced budget position. At this time this is far off.

I do feel our Councillors should be properly paid. The element of reduction for "public service" is wrong. There are far too many Councillors and this should be reduced. This would take a redrawing of the ward boundaries.

When HDC is in a fit state the Councillors allowances should be properly paid. Until then they should show leadership and take more of a pay cut.

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Hazel said...

I totally agree....too many councillors and many don't seem to do anything - that goes for Town/District/County members....if they did something they would tell everyone...there is no excuse not to with Social media and blogs....Maybe they are only there for self dare I suggest it