Sunday, December 5, 2010

SNTC publishes payments

I don't know whether to give a thumbs up to the Town Council or not. Having had a go at them for not publishing payments they go ahead and publish the payments. But not in a specific section for finance but with the minutes for the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

So a sort of thumbs up as I don't know whether this is a new policy or a mistake.

These are the payments I find interesting:

August 2010
Orange Phones: £175.26
Mayoress Chain: £1,272.23
Leeds and Day Solicitors for Cemetery extension land: £2,647.75

September 2010
Mayor's Robes: £2256.01
Mayor's Ball surplus: £881.52

October 2010
Eaton Socon Jubilee Hall Grant: £2000
Magpas: £2000
Orange Phones: £107.89
SEH for Cemetery Extension road: £11,691.25

I just thought I would highlight some of the payments that has occurred. The problem with payments is this is half the picture. I can see money going out but not the money coming in. 

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