Friday, December 31, 2010

Will Planning accede to political demands?

5 months on from the decision to make Turnstone Estates the preferred bidder for the Cinema project and nothing has come forward. SNTC is dropping the Cinema from the Forward Plan - version 4. Is reality setting into the project. To recap the project is for a 7 screen cinema including a Theatre auditorium with 160 car parking spaces.
The 7 screen cinema with theatre auditorium will have to be fitted into the size of the potential larger scale building in the centre of the development. This is roughly the size of the Lidl supermarket. I seem to be the only one who feels this is utter lunacy to try to develop this site for a cinema. Only if the HDC's Planning Department throws out its own rulebook if a cinema of the size being proposed is to be accommodated on this site.

Anything less than a proper 7 screen cinema will be derided by the St Neots public. A cinema at any cost is the product of the politics of envy. I want to see a proper cinema in St Neots. This isn't the solution.
"A spokeswoman for Turnstone Estates said: “We are working on proposals with a view to submitting a planning application by the end of this year or early next year." So they haven't this year. Early next year. I would say 31st January 2011 is the end of early next year.

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