Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Council Tax Base announced

At the meeting of the Corporate Governance Panel due on 8th December 2010, the Panel will consider the Council Tax base for 2011/12. This is the number which is needed to calculate the Council Tax rates.

The new calculation for the whole of Huntingdonshire will be 59,460 up from 58,580. This is the equivalent of 880 extra Band D properties. This is an extra Council Tax income of £109,270, at the average of £124.17 each, for HDC over 2010/11.

For St Neots Town Council the numbers are smaller. The number is 10,565 up from 10,195. This is an increase of 370. If the current Town Council tax level of £84.23 is kept this would mean an extra income of £31,165. Or if the budget was kept at £858,436 this would mean a Council Tax level of £81.25. A decrease of £2.98 or a 3.5% decrease. Looks good but paid for, mainly, by new housing.

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