Monday, December 6, 2010

CCTV - The Debate continues

CCTV is a service set for the chop. All those who want to see this continue have to come up with other viable ways of funding this service. As I said in a previous blog, the Federation of Small Businesses complains but comes up with no viable alternative.

The handwringing has to stop. If people want these services to continue then stump up the money!

The useless OSP - Social Well-being is due to consider a report from members of the Hunts Community Safety Partnership. This is what each said:

Luminus: They want evidence so they can lobby HDC. Obviously missing the point and not will to stump up any money to keep the service going.

Camb Fire and Rescue: Seems under the delusion that this is a cost comparison exercise. The Hunts Council taxpayer isn't going to shoulder the cost. The Fire Service won't.

The Police Authority: He rambled on about Stilton Parish Council.

The Police: Likes the cost saving in Police time. So the Police will take this service over? No, they have there own problems.

In conclusion, most of these public services want CCTV to continue. None are willing to do is to pay for this service. I just wonder how essential this service actually is when no one, including the private sector, is willing to stump up the money to pay for it.

PS: In an article in the News and Crier, Ian Bates says: "that in other parts of the country towns and villages contributed to running CCTV systems." So another Conservative Stealth Tax in the offing?

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