Monday, November 22, 2010

Why doesn't business club together to pay for CCTV?

If CCTV is so necessary why don't the retailers band together and pay for the CCTV system themselves? The moaning that comes from business over the cuts getting extraordinary. The ball is in their court. Instead of moaning about the cuts, business should do their part in the "Big Society" and set up a Co-op to run these services that business feels they need.
The Federation of Small Businesses along with other business lobby groups should be looking at what they can do for the community rather than calling for subsidy from the Council Taxpayer. Whilst Huntingdonshire residents are looking at the deep cuts in services should business play their part in helping to soften the cuts. Obviously not.

Instead of complaining about the increase in car parking charges why don't retailers band together to bring in a £5 minimum expenditure and we'll refund your car parking charges. Waitrose do this in St Neots for their customers. The alternative is the retailers take on the cost for parking in St Neots.

I did a bit of research after the public was informed by the Town Mayor, Cllr Gordon Thorpe, that: "as people will be unwilling to pay when, for the same price, they could go to Bedford, Cambridge or Peterborough."
As I said back then parking in St Neots is already cheap when compared to other Towns.

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