Friday, November 19, 2010

Useless Town Council Planning Committee being useless again - Part 3

I take exception to the Town Council having a Planning Committee because it is utterly useless. Take the recent fiasco over the old Worx nightclub. Cllr Jennifer Bird says:
Doesn't Jennifer understand the way planning works? Obviously not. Just because the Town Council objects to a planning application doesn't mean the District Council has to follow those objections. What I find sinister is the reference to "not the kind we wanted".

I thought the Conservatives stood up for small businesses and the individual. Not when the wrong kind of people can enter the Town Centre. What next? A gated Town Centre where only the right kind of people are allowed to enter?

Jennifer Bird is Leader of the Conservative Town Council group and is Chair of the Planning Committee. I have to wonder what kind of St Neots we will end up with if the Conservatives gained control. The current Liberal Democrats aren't much better.

One last note. I see Doug Terry stood up for the Planning Application. Good for Doug!

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