Friday, November 12, 2010

Free Christmas Lights Bus Travel

I see from an entry on the St Neots Forum that Julia Hayward (Leader of the Liberal Democrats on SNTC) has announced a free bus service using route 61 on the evening of the turning on of the Christmas Lights. The indication is the Town Council is going to pay for all this Free Travel so it is the Council Taxpayer who pays the cost.
Before I go off on one, I do believe this is worth a trial to see if it is used. The Public Transport alternative is rarely used in St Neots and the main reason why is these buses don't run into the night.
The problem I have is whether this is worth it for the vast majority of the residents of St Neots. Seeing that Cambridge Street, High Street and Market Square are going to be blocked off because of the parade then two buses are going to have a problem. Looking at this it is likely to be quicker and easier for the lazy people to drive in or for most people to actually walk in and back. St Neots isn't that big!

Another question is how long will this go on into the night. Because I don't really wouldn't want to get on a bus full of drunks.

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