Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trouble at HCCA?

I see HCCA has a new design for its own website.
The new design looks like a holding page for something better. Apart from Djanogly there is not much about the rest of the association. Strange, the Association would take such a backward step.

But could it be something deeper than a loss of a website. HCCA is an asset rich, income poor association. It hasn't been doing too well under Djanogly and the MP's Expenses Scandal didn't do the Association any favours as they kept Djanogly on. This hit HCCA finances hard.

HCCA wasn't financially ready to fight the General Election. A properly run campaign can spend at least £20,000 over an extended election period. If the Conservatives fought a proper campaign, which they tried too, they would have made a bad situation worse as the expected campaign contributions didn't come in.

The Conservatives need money. Lola Car gave £3000 to the Fighting Fund. I wonder how much came from anyone else in the constituency. We'll have to wait until June 2011 to find out how Djanogly and HCCA did.

The main problem with HCCA is the MP does need to be local. Just coming here on the odd days and the weekend, when his main home is in London doesn't look good. HCCA should have rid itself of Djanogly back in 2009 when it had the chance to do so. HCCA flunked this putsch and is paying the price for this loss.

As I've said before. Djanogly isn't good for HCCA. When will HCCA realise this?

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