Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Liberal Democrats dodge the question

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In an article Cllrs Thorpe and van de Kerkhove complain about car parking charges. With the Tsunami of cut coming, what would they cut instead of raising car parking charges. Utter silence from these two Liberal Democrats. They are District Councillors so I would assume they have more information than us residents.

Even with doubling of car parking charges St Neots will be paying significantly less than surrounding Towns. When Cllr Thorpe made a statement on car parking back in February be said:
"as people will be unwilling to pay when, for the same price, they could go to Bedford, Cambridge or Peterborough."

I did some research back then to show this wasn't the case.
So Cllrs van de Kerkhove and Thorpe, please inform me where you would make the cuts to replace the £500,000 of lost income! 

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