Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cllr Thorpe no longer Deputy Leader?

The St Neots Liberal Democrats often cry "Why does Huntingdon get everything and St Neots gets nothing?". Up to May Cllr Thorpe from St Neots was Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats on HDC. 

This balanced the leadership between the Huntingdon Councillors and the St Neots Councillors. For whatever the reason, after the election Cllr Thorpe was not Deputy Leader any longer. Mike Shellens of Huntingdon East was made Deputy Leader in his place. Mike is doing a very good job.

Of the 12 Liberal Democrats on HDC only 3 come from St Neots. The Huntingdon set rules the group.

The Leader is from Brampton (not far from Huntingdon) + 1 other, 3 are from Huntingdon (including the Deputy Leader), 1 is from Warboys (north of Huntingdon), 1 is from Ellington (west of A1 by Huntingdon), 1 is from Buckden, (just south west of Brampton), 1 is from Fenstanton (south of St Ives) and 3 are from St Neots.

So the Huntingdon Liberal Democrats have sidelined the St Neots Liberal Democrats. I just hope this will end the "politics of envy" which sours the politics in St Neots. But I doubt it.

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