Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Coalition leads and HDC is still bogged down!

I saw this link on Guido Fawkes blog. It links to the Governments transparency website where you and I can find out who our political masters are meeting. I had to take a look at Djanogly at the Ministry of Justice. Nothing there. Well he only an Under-Secretary of State. This list led me on to elsewhere. I thought I would look up what is going on at the DCLG.

On the DCLG website I found a page on the Councils (not Town/Parish Councils) that are already publishing the over £500 payments. On the site I found Cambridgeshire County Council is already publishing. So why not HDC? Looking at the HDC website I cannot find anything about this. The Conservative run HDC is very behind the times.

The transparency agenda looks like it is moving on. I moved down to the Ministry of Justice website to find a lot more information about the ins and outs of the MoJ. To most people this is just information overload, it is what is needed to have open and transparent government. All Council and Authorities should look towards this level of transparency. Especially as the data also includes meetings with pressure groups. It is a pity this doesn't extend to the civil service.

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